Environmental Site Assessment

Phase One ESA:

  • Completed to CSA Spec Z768-01 of MECP ONT. Reg. 153 for RSC.
  • Identify Areas of Potential Environmental Concern (APEC) and Potential Contaminating Activities (PCA) for on-site and off-site properties
  • Assess level of risk involved in purchasing/selling a property
  • Determine whether a Phase Two ESA is required to fully assess current site conditions
  • Bluewater’s Phase One ESA’s are completed to be acceptable to financial institutions (Lendors) and MECP for filing of a Record of Site Condition (RSC)

Phase Two ESA:

The objective of a Phase Two ESA is to determine whether APEC and PCA indentified in the Phase One ESA have created “actual” contamination to soil, groundwater, surface water or sediment at concentrations which exceed Regulatory Standards:

  • Site investigation by drilling, test pits or other methods
  • Assess soil and groundwater conditions
  • Collection and lab analysis of representative samples of soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment
  • Determine the appropriate Regulatory Standards applicable to the subject site for comparison of lab data
  • Determine ground water flow patterns, velocity, hydraulic conductivity, travel times, etc
  • Develop a Phase Two Conceptual Site Model (CSM)
  • Determine site compliance with Regulatory Standards
  • Assess remedial options, if required
  • Report on findings, according to CSA Spec Z769-00 or Ont. Reg 153/04